Makrokomi springs

Here’s another municipality full of nature treasures. The spa town of Platistomo has natural springs set in lush greenery and plane trees. Makri also has woods of plane trees near the Sperhios River, as well as the only organization for protecting and nursing animals in the whole prefecture.

Arhani is another location that offers springs with therapeutic waters against a ravine which is good for walks.
Kastri boasts forests of plane rivers on both side of the river, while Rovoliari features woods of fir trees, oak trees adn chestnut trees.
Dubbed the porch of Western Fthiotida, Tsouka has a spring in the Halkia Gourna or ‘Brass Basin’ alongside majestic oak trees in the area of Agios Giannis.

There are many verdant paths from this municipality that will take you up to Timfristos, passing by chestnut, apple and walnut groves.
Various different paths take us up to Timfristos with its rich chestnut, walnut and apple crops.


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