Lighthouse of Cape Papa, Karkinagri

The lighthouse of Cape Papa has been declared a cultural heritage site. Built sometime between 1886 and 1890 by the French Lighthouse Company while the island was still under rule of the Ottoman Empire. The lighthouse illuminates one of the central Aegean’s most treacherous passes – that between Mykonos and Ikaria. It hone for the first time on May 20th, 1890. During the years of WWII, it was turned into an armory by the Italians and remained unlit due to damages it had sustained. It began shining again in 1945 as its damages began being repaired. With a focal height reaching 75 metres, its light can be seen from 2.5 miles away, with a characteristic white blinking light every 20 seconds. The height of its cylindrical tower is 11 metres and contains 32 stone and metal steps leading towards the top.

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