Krioneri is a village sited on the beautiful plateau of Nevropoli next to Lake Plastira. It lies within the forest and is known for its fertile fields, lush vegetation, and remarkable abundance of water. Krioneri lies at an altitude of 835 metres. The Valtorema and Krioneritiko rivers flow through the village district: the Krioneritiko is five kilometres in length. The natural springs and stone-built fountains of Kria Vrissi, Klouvio Nero, Kerassoula, Itia, Gidomantria, and Kastanoula are accessible by unpaved roads and footpaths. The woods of Krioneri include fir, oak, chestnuts and shrub cedars. The peak of Tsougri at 1,600 metres altitude has a shelter left from the rebels of the Greek Civil War. Other viewpoints in the village district include Alonia, Rahi near Lake Plastira, and Saint Georgios at the location of the Monastery within the woods.

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