Korykio Antro (Pan or Apollo cave)

The cave of Apollo also known as Korikyo Cave in the Parnassos National Park is popular with speleologists. The cave lies on the E4 hiking trails and is about a 4-hour walk from Delphi, best approached from the church of Agia Triada. In 1969, French archaeologists discovered bone flutes, Mycenaean shards, a Neolithic male figurine, bronze and iron rings, miniature bronze statuettes and knucklebones used for foretelling (astragolomancy).

The cave became a shelter in the 5th century from the Persians, and during WWII from the Germans. Legends surround the cave from mythological times and ancient times where orgies where held, to modern times during the war of independence.

The cave is about 60 meters long, 26 meters wide and 12 meters high, requiring powerful lighting for exploration. Ancient inscriptions are found at the entrance, and a possible sacrificial altar deeper inside.
Steeped in stories of passion and love, Korykio cave supposedly inspired Menander to write one of his plays.

Photo: Flausa123

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