Klokos, Barbas & Selinountas


Two opposing mountains, Klokos and Barbas are separated by Selinountas gorge or ravine, and considered a region of European Natural Heritage, as well as part of the Natura 2000 network. Alpine-like meadows dot the mountains at higher elevations above the tree line. Fir tree forests existed in both, though unfortunately the forests of Klokos burnt down. Luckily that of Barbas was untouched by the fire. Oak forests are also present on these two mountains, but systematic lumbering is threatening them. The Selinoudas valley was also home to pine woods which were almost totally burnt by the fires as well. Among the valley’s bushes there are many wild animals that seek shelter. This used to be a valuable shelter for many species including the Golden Eagle and Golden Falcon, as well as mammals like the Bidra civet. The area is considered an ecologically protected one, so care must be taken when visiting.

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