Kalodiki Marsh

This incredible marsh lies in the northernmost section of the prefecture and spills into part of neighbouring Ioannina region as well. Despite the fact that it occupies a space between 100 -150 meters (depending on which season it is) the Kalodiki Marsh is an invaluable ecosystem with over 300 types of plants, 120 species of birds, 20 different mammals, 11 reptiles, 5 kinds of amphibians and several fish species. Kalodiki Marsh is part of the Natura 2000 initiative designed to protect such important ecological environments. The marsh is a haven to several species that enjoy the protection of its waters and the bounty of the food it provides. Several types of frogs, salamanders as well as beavers and otters make their homes within the waters of the marsh while skunks, weasels, foxes, hedgehogs and wild cats take advantage of the rich supply of food along the banks of the marsh.

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