Information Centre for the Lesser Kestrel

The centre operates under the authority of the Management Body of Lake Karla and is open by appointment, attracting student groups and interested individuals. The lesser kestrel (or Kirkinezi in Greek) is an endangered bird in the Thessaly region whose habitat is under threat. Much effort has been undertaken to create shelters for the lesser kestrel, keeping in mind that it is comfortable in places that are close to humans, such as barns and attics.

The centre is a great way for people to learn about this bird, and should form part of any visit to the area. There is some information in English and its management hopes to supply more very soon. Please contact Dr. Athanasios Sfougaris from the Management Body on +030 2421093274.

Read more about the LIFE Programme and effort to preserve the Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni): –


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