Holy Monastery of Evangelismos (Annunciation to the Virgin Mary)

Near the village of Xilosirti, a few kilometres outside of Agios Kyrikos, stands the Holy Monastery of Evangelismos, in the area of Lefkada. It was built in the 18th century by two priests from Agios Oros, who took refuge from pirates on the island, and build this church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In 1955, the church was turned into a monastery for women. Today the small chapel of St. Makarios has still been  preserved, featuring the cell where the saint stayed, as well as mosaic floors underneath which, a crypt is located. A bit further from the main church, lies the confessional of the nuns, as well as two mills, an olive press, and the docks where monks kept their boats. Enough of the structure has survived to warrant a visit.

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