Historical Museum of Crete, Herakleion

Founded in 1953, this Museum includes amongst its wealth of Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman displays, the only painting in Crete of its favourite son, Domenicos Theotokopoulos (or El Greco), called, “View of Mount Sinai and the Monastery”.

A view of a house as it would have looked during Crete’s autonomous period (1898-1913), can be seen, as well as a room dedicated to the Cretan writer (‘Zorba the Greek’, ‘Freedom and Death’, ‘The Last Temptation’, ‘Christ Recrucified’ etc.) Nikos Kazantzakis (see also the Kazantzakis Museum in Varvaroi), which includes his desk, library and original manuscripts. There’s also a room dedicated to Greece’s Prime Minsister during the battle of Crete, Emmanouil Tsouderos.


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