The Holy Monastery of Agia Triada of Jagarolon (The Holy Trinity)

One of the most famous and extraordinary monasteries in Crete, Agia Triada was built by two brothers, Jeremiah and Lavrentio Jagarolon (both monks and progeny of a prominent Venetian-Cretan family) in 1634 and was finally completed after 1821.

Today it is a fully functioning monastery and still holds enormous influence on the island. Although many of the monastery’s artefacts and heirlooms were destroyed during the Turkish occupation there is still much to see here and the monastery itself is both impressive and exquisite in its architecture. Evidence of the Cretan folk tradition, Renaissance and Baroque style can be noted in the design of the main building which is rectangular in shape with large Doric columns flanking the front entrance, a bell tower and two chapels. There are a number of icons and woodcarvings on display in its museum and its inner courtyard is a beautifully maintained area with its apricot hued stones and colourful flowers.

Interesting to note that in more recent years the monastery has won a bevy of international accolades for their self-produced organic olive oil and they have also ventured into winemaking.

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