Gournia, Pacheia Ammos, Ierapetra

Dating back to the EMIII period (around 2100 BC), the town of Gournia continued to be settled through to the late 13th C. BC, with occasional interruptions. It is a remarkably well-preserved site, and has been dubbed the “Pompeii of Crete”. Situated by the coast, equidistant between the Aghios Nikolaos and the village of Mochlos, it was first excavated by the American archaeologist, Harriet Boyd, at the beginning of the 20th century, It’s a lovely place to visit, both for its setting and the majesty of the site itself. Though not officially one of Crete’s six palace, one could make a case for its inclusion, as there’s an area measuring 50 x 37 metres which closely mimics those at the palace sites. Finds from this site include so-called “snake goddesses”.

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