Forests of Ahladia and Anavra, in Tamassi

In the municipality of Tamassi, the village of Ahladia, which means ‘pear trees’, lies 3 km from Leontari. The forests around the village are so dense that it’s difficult to wander through. About 2200 acres of mountain landscape are covered with forest, including the forest of Koumaros, forest of Zervos, and forest of Tourpes near Agios Giorgos. The trees are evergreens, oak and broad-leafed varieties (shrub oak, planes).
Also in Tamassi is the village of Anavra. The highest summit in the village, at 984 meters, is Katachloro and looks out to the dam of Smokovo. There’s also a cave on its southwest side. Katachloro is a wildlife reserve. Oak forests abound in the area of Anavra, including the old forest of Likorema where wolves abound.

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