Folklore Museum of Kymi

Housed in a three-storey neoclassical building in the centre of town, Kymi’s Folklore museum has been characterised as one of the best museums of its kind throughout Greece.

With over 1600 items bringing Kymi’s interesting past back to life, visitors to the museum are sure to be impressed with the rich history of this seemingly quaint seaside town.

The museum’s basement contains a candle-making station, wine cellar, builders’ workshop and a number of agrarian tools used during the past two centuries throughout the wider Kymi area. On the ground floor, visitors can see the region’s history through its fashion as traditional costumes, military uniforms and every day garments are on display. Religious art is also housed here, featuring wooden sculptures, icons and other historic church items. Jewellery and household wares are also housed on the ground floor.

The museum’s first floor has been designed to seem as though it were an actual city home from decades past, featuring handmade furniture, tapestry, and other household wares. Here visitors can also see a number of photographs, documents and items highlighting the life of Dr. Georgios Papanikolaou, a pioneer in gynaecological research and founder of the Pap test.



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