Drakano Tower, Faros

The ancient city of Drakano once stood in the area known today as Faros (Fanari) on the eastern edge of the island, and included the acropolis and tower of which, ruins can be seen today. The tower represents the city’s most well-preserved building as it stands at an altitude of 50 metres and affords visitors incredible views of Samos and the Fourni Islands in the distance. Form a construction standpoint, it is considered an impressive work of art and remains as one of the most well-preserved towers throughout the entire Aegean.

Its construction is thought to have taken place during the Alexandrian period, with repairs being undertaken during the rule of Dimitri the Besieger during the 3rd or 4thcentury A.D. Consisting of three stories, the tower was constructed with large, white marble bricks, which were reinforced by themselves, rather than by metal supports. The surviving section of the tower has an external diameter of of approximately 8.4 metres and a height of 13 metres, though it is originally believed to have reached 13.5 metres. Unfortunately, stairs connecting the stories have bot survived the passing of time.

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