Dimosari Canyon (2 km from Nydri village)

Another breathtaking area that’s a must-see for nature-lovers is Dimosari Canyon. Gushing waterfalls pool into exotic lagoons shaded by moss-draped oaks. This is a perfect swimming spot if you’re hiking in the summer, although the waterfalls and thick forest keep the temperatures comfortable. Take a break and drink some spring water – the locals swear it’s the best drinking water in the region. Once you’ve relaxed, continue your trek by climbing the stone steps carved into the mountain. Dimosari Canyon is one of Lefkada’s vital ecosystems, and played an important role throughout Antiquity by powering the island’s waterworks by harnessing the surge of riverwater from Mount Vafkeri. If you enjoy caving, there are a few small caves throughout the canyon for you to enjoy.

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