Delphi and the Oracle

Arguably one of the most important spiritual focal points in antiquity worldwide, Delphi and its famed oracle are visited by thousands of tourists every month and it is well worth it. In summer it is best visited in the afternoon when there are less people and organized tours.

Upon entering the site of Delphi you will see places where all the statues and monuments from different parts of Greece and beyond were sent as gifts and treasures to the gods. The most important of the treasures was that of Sifnioi and now lies at the Delphi Museum. One of the best preserved stadiums of ancient times is found at the site, where the Pythian games used to take place every four years. The sacred temple of the gods containing the Doric temple of Apollo from the 4the century BC. There are ruins below the main road of the site as well, such as the high school and the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia.


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