Caves in Lake Karla

Six hundred and twenty geological monuments have been recorded in Magnesia, many of which require further research and protection, including 280 caves in Pelion, Orthi, Mavrovouni, Halkodonio, Hlomo and Tisaio.

Among the caves that have been recorded, 12 are considered very distinctive because of their unique formations, and many of them, such as the Centaurs Cave in Pelion, are connected with local legends and traditions. Two other geological treasures of the area are two lakes that were created by a meteorite impact, many zones with impressive seismic faults, fossiliferous sites, waterfalls and water springs. From the village of Kanalia near the lake you can hike up to the Cave of Drako Pigado, in just over two hours.

Basic research conducted in various caves of Magnesia has brought to light some important prehistoric finds, which reveal the ongoing inhabitation of the caves up until modern day. More than 200 caves and rock shelters have been located in the area, a fact which proves Magnesia’s abundant historical wealth. Caves with prehistoric finds have been found mainly in Pelion, located around Lake Karla, Almyro, Gioura on Alonissos and elsewehere in the surrounding region.


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