Cave of Halaris (Parathiri), Chrysostomos

The cave of Halaris or Parathiri as it’s also known, can be found near the village of Chrysostomos in the southern part of the island, just a few metres from the riverbed of Halari. The entrance is four metres above ground, and the cave is divided into two parts: the entrance and the main chamber. Getting to the main area involves crawling through the long, narrow entrance. The round open area has a height of 14 metres and is full of multi-coloured stalagmites and stalagtites. Fragments of ancient pottery as well as bones have been found throughout, and the cave is full of archaeological and paleontological interest. According to studies, the bones belonged to large and miniature species of deer, as well as goats and humans, all of which date back to the Neolithic period. Although the cave holds great interest, a special permit must be obtained by anyone wanting to enter it.

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