Cave of Asprohalkou

Just north of the village of Agios Georgios in the north-eastern section of the prefecture, lays this fascinating cave. Located within the Louros river valley and close to the Palaeolithic site of Kokkinopylos, this cave has shed new light on the pre-historic settlement of the region. Within the cave, researchers discovered a wide range of artefacts, of which their estimations place from 40,000 – 3,000 years BC. The different layers of the cave reveal that it was indeed inhabited over several millennia, starting from the Middle Palaeolithic period, through the New Palaeolithic period, down into the Bronze Age. Stone tools, animal bones and a large rhinoceros tooth were among some of the objects found. Researchers suggest that the cave was used as an outpost from where pre-historic man could hunt large herds of animals that gathered at the Louros River. Evidence of fire has been found along the walls and ceilings of the cave that suggest they stayed in the cave for significant periods of time. The cave lies along the Preveza-Ioannina road and is signposted. Parking is to the left while the cave itself off to the right. Visitors will need to walk about 200 meters along a crude path to reach the cave.

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