Castle of Kalamata

The castle of Kalamata is supposed to be on the site where the palace of Ortilochos of Pharai and subsequently of Diocles was, between 1580 and 1120 BC. The current medieval castle was built much later by the Knight and historian Geoffrey of Villehardouin in 1205 AD. The Byzantines and the Ottomans added to the structure. The lion of Saint Mark graces the entrance of the structure, reputed to be from the Eneti (also Heneti or Veneti) peoples who lived there millennia ago. Fragments from the Mycenaean and Roman eras have been found on the site, in addition to Hellenistic and Roman tombs. A small Byzantine temple remains close by, supposedly dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Kalomata (which may be the origin of the name of the city Kalamata).


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