Castle of Fila

Rising abruptly from the otherwise flat Lilandia plains, the Castle of Fila towers over the modern-day town of the same name.

Dating back to the 13th century AD, this massive structure originally served as the residence of a Frankish Lord, Merito dale Carceri but was defeated by a knight named Likarios who deserted his Frankish companions and fought on the side of Byzantium. Legend says it was an act inspired by love, for Likarios had fallen for the Greek widow Feliza.

Whether for love or not, it allowed the Byzantines to eventually gain control of all the castles in Evia, until the late 15th century when the Turks invaded and overpowered Byzantine forces on the island and destroyed several sections of the castle. However, Fila Castle is well preserved and an enchanting site to explore, including a large archway entrance, several interior rooms and windows. Located  a mere 7 klm. outside of Halkida, it is a worthwhile excursion for visitors to take.



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