Bridges and heroes’ mansions at Petroto

The village district of Petroto (meaning ‘rock strewn’) at 650 meters is 54 from Mouzaki, and 12 kilometres from Anthiro and Kali Komi. There are three stone bridges. The arched stone bridge at the Poupi locality dates from the 13th-14th centuries. The Bridge of Korakou (Bridge of the Crow) is the largest single arched bridge in Greece, built in 1514-1515 by the then Bishop of Larissa, Saint Vissarionas, with the help of patrons from all the Balkans. The bridge was blown up by the andartes during the Greek civil war. The third is Koutsokamara, an arched bridge in the Sikias area. In addition the residences of two of the area’s greatest heroes of the War of Independence have been kept up for visitors: these are the mansions of Karathanassi in Petroto, and of Tsiouma in Agios Dimitrios.


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