Aristeon Ecological Olive Press

Aristeon means excellence in Greek, and the Aristeon Ecological Olive Press certainly lives up to its name, complete with an olive oil museum, a tasting section and olive soap.

Zakynthos, after all, is one of the few places in the world where the number of olive trees in recent years has more than doubled, reflecting the quality of olive oil on the island. The island’s excellent climate and soil quality have given birth to very high quality olive oil, whose properties are preserved through Aristeon’s manufacturing processes, always under the temperature of 27 degrees C.

Any olive oil expert would tell you that not all olive oils are created equal, depending on the way it is processed. The olive press at Aristeon uses either first-class integrated management practices or certified organic methods to produce outstanding olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil produced here reflects the true Zakynthian deep green color and robust, fruity flavor.

You must take a tour through the olive oil museum which reveals the history of olive making on the island, known for the ‘dopia’ olive trees that are 2000 years old. You’ll be amazed by the old methods and early wooden equipment, as well as by the the machine-run stone mill of later years and the factory’s cutting-edge production methods today. You also get to taste the new delicious varieties as well, such as lemon oil and garlic oil which will captivate you. Delicious olives and healthy olive-oil soap are part of the surprises that await visitors to this must-see olive press.

If you’re really an enthusiast of olive oil, you can visit the island in autumn during “liotrivi”, the olive picking period. Get in touch with Ms. Athena Haikali at Aristeon to learn more. It is worth noting the the Aristeon olive mill has proudly been certified as ISO 22000-2005 and TUV Austria Hellas, while it’s organic products are verified by DIO, the Organic Products Inspection and Certification Organisation. This professionally run business is family owned, representing a true Zakynthian success story that should be honored by an enchanting visit to the Aristeon Ecological Olive Press.

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