Archalochori lies 4KMs south of the palace of Galatas. A number of bronze artefacts were found here, though many more were lost, as locals finding the site and its booty in the 1950s, understandably melted them down for more pressing needs, such as modern agricultural us.

An inscription on a double-headed axe, found by Spyridon Marinatos, has 15 signs, which are probably Cretan hieroglyphic, though some point to similarities with signs on the Phaistos disk. The first word may be I-Da, as in Mount Psiloritis, if one uses the same values as Linear B, but with so few characters, there’s no way of knowing for sure the inscriber’s intention. Dated to around the middle of the 17th century BC, it was found alongside dozens more double-headed axes and swords, including what is thought to be the longest votive sword in Europe, at over a metre in length.


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