Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos (Pothia)

Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos (Pothia)

This new museum will take you on a journey of Kalymnos’ history from its earliest Prehistoric evidence right through to the Byzantium. Amongst the many artifacts, make it a point to admire the famed Kore of Kalymnou statue. The folds of her dress drape to make her seem real and alive. Also admire the Kouros statue.


Attraction Information

Contact Details:

Pothia, Kalymnos

+30 22430 23113

Entrance Fees:
  • Full: €4
  • Reduced: €2
Opening Hours - Winter
  • Closed
Opening Hours - Summer
10 March - 31 October
  • Tuesday-Sunday: 08:30-15:00

Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos (Pothia) Location

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