Archaeological Museum of Halkida

Halkida’s Archaeological Museum is one of Evia’s most extensive collections of island’s past. Featuring artefacts from the Neolithic Era down to the Late Roman Empire, visitors are offered a rare and in-depth look at Evia’s history down through the ages.
Among some of the most notable exhibits are several Prehistoric artefacts from the Manikas region including items from gravesites, bone and marble Cycladic figurines, and a range of pottery. Mycenaean works of art are also on display, such as various ceramic vessels and jewellery. A large number of pottery and statues dating back to the Archaic and Classical ages are also available, coming chiefly from excavations done at Eretria and Halkida, including a statue of Apollo. Most examples of Roman occupation come from sites near the Edipsos region, including several pieces of statues and pottery.


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