Antrona and others, Municipality of Pelasgia

Known as Larisa Kremaste or Larissa Pelasgia in old times, Pelasgia today shows evidence of the old settlement’s towns and surrounding walls from the 4th or 5th century BC. The archaeological site of Koumouli shows monuments and graves of the early Christian period between 323BC-30AD, plus impressive mosaics by the coast.

There are also burial circles at Fanos dating from the early Mycenaean era, where the Homeric town of Antrona or Androna stood. The remains of an acropolis dating back to the 4th century BC are evident, so are burial circles at Fanos dating from the early Mycenaean era.
Nearby in Glifa there are caves where Demeter was worshipped. Glifa is also home to two tumuli (mounds of earth raised over graves) from the middle to late Helladic era, around grave sites closed over by slabs. This is a unique phenomenon in the municipality, showing how this type of burial came from Southern Greece during this time. Two other tumuli from the Mycenaean era are also evident.


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