Ancient Walls of Samos

The walls linining the hills of Ambelou (Kastri) in Kasteli, at a total length of 6430m with a circumference of 1,2km squared, in which a city was set up. Carved, rectangular blocks, weighing several tons each were the main materials used for construction. Parts of the walls from various eras can be found here; in some places there are parts that are attributed to the era of Polycrates (second half of the 6th century BC), while other parts are dated around 300 BC (Hellenistic period) and after a series of wars culminating in the defeat of Samos by the Athenians in 439 BC there was a need for new, more modern fortifications. The most impressive attribute of the walls is their sheer volume and the scope that went into creating them. Unfortunately, the condition of the walls has deteriorated significantly due to neglect and abuse by visitors. Only one sign on the roadside informs of the existence of ancient walls.

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