Ancient Platiana (Tipanai or Aipi)

The ruins of the ancient town (Tipanai or Aipi), occupied the hill of mount Lapitha on the southern part of the village Platiana, near Olympia. It is situated inland, some 17km from the Kiparissian bay.

The town was oblong in shape, surrounded by a series of walls dating from the 4th or 3rd centuries BC. The entire town was maintained in excellent shape, some five meters high in certain parts. It had three giant gates on the northwest, southwest and east where the main gate stood. It also included defensive towers with a rectangular and sometimes trapezoidal ground plan. The monolithic walls were built following an Ionic wall-structural system.

The fortified city had a maximum length of 660 meters and a maximum width, including the walls’ northwest extension of 200 meters. Excavations show that a theatre once existed from which a part of the stage and conclave was salvaged. Remaining ruins point to an acropolis, agora, huge water reservoir, and various foundations. The walls were also built to withstand mudslides. Higher ground seems to be where the wealthier lived. About 100 meters westwards lies the town’s cemetery.


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