Ancient Messene

The best-known and most extensive archaeological site in Messinia is the eponymous Messene. Founded by the Theban general in 369 BC, the ancient city of Messene offers a venerable archaeological treasure for visitors.

Messene sprung out of the victory over Sparta and became the capital of the region of Messinia. It is perhaps the largest archaeological site in the country, including a stadium, remains of a large theatre, parts of the market town, watch towers, walls and much more. The original wall around the city of Messene was 9 kilometres long, heralded as an architectural gem that has been very well preserved. Several towers guard the wall and ensure its safety, such as the well-known Arcadian Gate which is a must-see for visitors.

In Messene, you can visit the local museum to see the Asklepieion, considered both a Doric temple and the temple of Artemis and Zeus. You will also come across the Arsinoe fountain and a pre-Christian church.


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