Ancient Lepreo

Built in a strategic position, Ancient Lepreo was a powerful city that strategically controlled all passages to Ilia, Messinia and Arcadia. This city would have frequent conflicts with the Ilians who were their main rivals.

The territorial claim of Lepreo by the Ilians, forced the city into open battle with the Spartans, who invaded Ilia at the end of the 5th century B.C. Lepreo was a member of the Achaic Confederation but in 146 B.C the Romans reintegrated it into Ilia. In the Middle Ages the city was destroyed by barbaric incursions. Habitation of the city began in the Neolithic period, and prehistoric Acropolis was excavated. Some evidence of the walls remains, including the acropolis of the classical and Hellenistic periods, complete with walls that have square towers.

There are also ruins from a pavilion-like Doric temple from classical times dedicated to the goddess Dimitra. It has 6 pillars on the narrow side and 11 pillars on the extended side. The foundations of an altar were discovered at a short distance. Tombs which are dated in ancient and roman times were also found in the area.


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