Aghios Markos Church

Unsprisingly, given the name, this church was built by the Venetians in reverence towards their city’s patron saint, Mark. One of many churches adopted by the Ottomans for use as a mosque, addeding a minaret. It can be found on Venizelos square in the city.

Built in 1239, the basilica of Saint Mark was the premier Catholic cathedral of Crete under Venetian rule. Various dukes are buried in this lovely building. There used to be a bell-tower identical to the church of the same name in Venice, but the Ottomans pulled it down, replacing it with a minaret, which in turn was demolished by the Cretans after liberation from Ottoman rule.It can be found next door to the Loggia, and opposite the Morosini fountain, and now houses the Municipal Art Museum (see museums).


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