Acropolis of Ancient Samia (Kato Samiko)

Near the ancient city of Trifilia, founded south of Olympia on the valley of Alfios river, lies the acropolis of Ancient Samia or Samiko in what is known today as Kato Samiko.

The acropolis’ key position at the foot of mount Lapitha and built at 200 meters allowed it to control the area. Findings there suggest that in the 4th century BC this acropolis was fortified with a massive wall with towers. These were built with huge cube-shaped and polygon-shaped limestone blocks, 2-5 meters thick in certain areas.

Traces of the walls can be seen at an 180 meter altitude north of lake Kaiafa. Impressive gateways of the acropolis have been preserved. The citizens worshipped Poseidon. South of Samiko the Anigridon cave existed where therapeutic fumes were used for the various skin therapies. Mycenaean potsherds, traces of Cyclopean walls, and burial mound with tombs and pots were found of the mid-Hellenistic and Mycenaean times. One burial mound was built in honor of the legendary hero Iardanos. Overall, there are several ruins in the larger area identified with the ancient towns of Arini, Makistos and Samia (also described by Pausanias). Inside the Acropolis there are foundations of  buildings.


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