About Wineries in Alonnisos

There is a sad story connected to winemaking on Alonnisos, whose economy was stoked by lush vineyards and quality wines since ancient times, up to the early 1960s.

The problems started in the early 1950s when a devastating crop disease called Phylloxera destroyed the whole island’s vineyards in less than a decade. Because the soil was heavily infected, there was no immediate solution, causing many people to abandon the island and move elsewhere. The massive earthquake in 1965 added the downfall and destroyed the island’s main village (Palia Alonnisos).

Yet despite these mishaps there is some ray of hope as some individuals have reintroduced the vine to their plots, and if you’re lucky you may be offered a glass of home-grown wine by a taverna-owner in the outlying regions of the island. Ask around, keep your fingers crossed, and you will be rewarded with some good local wine.

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