About Wildlife in Kefalonia

Kefallonia is an island that will astound you with its many natural wonders. Unique habitats support varied ecosystems that consist of rare species only found on the island. Ainos Mountain and its extraordinary fir forest is one such ecosystem. Standing at 1600 meters, Ainos is the tallest mountain in the islands of the Ionian and constitutes the smallest National Forest in Greece. The thick forest of non-hybridized Kefallonian firs is a one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon and supports a vital ecosystem for wild horses, badgers, eagles, rabbits and foxes.

Koutavos Lagoon is a must-see for nature lovers. You’ll fall in love with the eucalyptus forest and brightly colored wildflowers that hug the lagoon itself, while birdwatchers will enjoy watching the ducks, geese, and swans that make the lagoon their home. Koutavos Lagoon also plays an important role in the reproductive and breeding habits of Caretta-Caretta sea turtles, while many rare fish also support this important eco-system.

Also explore Drogarati Cave which is 2,000,000 years old and boasts stunning floor to ceiling stalactites and stalagmites which grow about one centimeter every hundred years because of the perpetually dripping water. At a constant 18˚C with 90% humidity, the cave is an ecosystem of its own as it provides the perfect habitat for moles, bats and a species of tarantula that’s only found in this cave and at a few locations in Crete.

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