About Wildlife & Fauna in Northern Evia

The numerous remote mountain ranges and kilometres upon kilometres of rich forest have blessed both northern Evia and the wildlife itself with a symbiotic relationship rarely found elsewhere. This rich diversity is nothing new, as the region’s petrified forest just north of the village of Kerasia demonstrates. The large variety of plant and tree life has much to do with the area’s flourishing natural habitat.

Within the forests of northern Evia, deer, warthogs, foxes, skunks, weasels, moles, wild hares, beavers, squirrels and even wild goats are all commonly spotted. Unfortunately, hunting has been made legal in many of these areas.

The wetlands to the north are also under the constant threat of being drained for agricultural purposes as well as extensive building in the area. Despite this, several species of frogs and turtles as well as water snakes and salamander continue to call the shallow marshes home. They are supported by a large variety of insects that flourish not only in the marshes but throughout the greater north Evia region.

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