About Nature & Flora in Evrytania

In the village of Roska (municipality of Domnitsa), the gorge of Pantavrechi has been dubbed one of the most beautiful and cleanest gorges in Europe. Technically this is not a gorge, just the narrowest part of the Krekelopotamos River which rushes through the area. While the gorge is barely 100 meters in length, it is a marvel of nature and biodiversity – a must-see spot for ecotourists. Springs and waterfalls and the sounds of flowing water can be heard all over the prefecture. Moss-covered rocks and unrecorded species of flora can be discovered here. Large waterfalls with rushing water form part of the beauty and ambiance in this area, complete with ponds at the bottom, encouraging the rich biodiversity in fauna and flora.
Vinianis Canyon
 The Vinianis Canyon commences from a dirt road which unites the Old and Nea Viniani Villages and leads to Tavropos, just before the arched Vinianis bridge which connected the Village with Karpenisi. Planes cover the whole canyon. There are ald watermills which served the Old Viniani. It has 3 small waterfalls, the biggest of themis 30 meter height.

Photo: www.info-karpenisi.gr
Lake Kremaston
 Created in 1965 and formally considered an artificial lake, Kremaston has advanced the area’s biodiversity and beauty, and is used as a hub for migratory birds. This is the largest dammed lake in Europe containing 4.7 billion cubic meters and is 11 times larger than Marathon lake near Athens. It has of course contributed to producing hydroelectricity for the area and contributed to irrigation. Curiously, a few villages had to be abandoned when the lake was created as they were submerged. When water from of the Acheloos, the Agrafiotis and the Megdova or Taropou rivers filled the lake, an aquatic habitat emerged, complete with carp, trout and other sweet water fish.
Photo: Giannis Boubouris
Various gorges
In Agrafa village there are the Tripa tou Agrafioti and Hondeika gorges, designated as Natura 2000 areas and offering great hiking opportunities. The Asprorema gorge in Epiniana also offers amazing natural landscapes with rare fauna and flora. Also noteworthy is the well-known Kedron gorge next to Platania (meaning plane tree) and near Kedra (which means cedars), offering a verdant area with cedar forests. Lastly, the Acheloos gorge between Raptopoulo and Vrouvianon is a great place for discovering nature and features the Temblas bridge built in 1904.
Photo (cover): Nicos

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