About Nature & Flora in Northern Evia

The dense forests, gorges, mountains and coastal areas of northern Evia have blessed the region not only with physical beauty, but also with a rich and invaluable biodiversity.

The forests of northern Evia are dominated by pine and other coniferous trees, making the region a year-round haven for birds and other tree dwelling animals. Chestnut trees are also common in this area. The region’s highest mountain of Pyxaria is home to an impressive amount of Juniper trees, while Cephalonia Fir trees and Plane trees are found in abundance on Mt. Kandili along northern Evia’s western coast.

In addition to the large variety of trees, flowering plants and herbs have helped with the region produce some of the highest quality honey in all of Greece. In northern Evia, pine and thyme varieties of this sweet delight are the most commonly found. Evia’s famous mountain tea grows in abundance here as well, just as it does throughout the rest of the island. Rosemary and lavender are prominent throughout the area.

In addition to the numerous trees and plant species, northern Evia is home to the unique petrified forest of Kerasia, about ten kilometres northwest of Agia Anna. It is one of the largest of its kind throughout all of Europe and features remains from a variety of mammals and invertebrates.

The marshes and lagoons of Megalo and Mikro Livari just outside of Istieia are one of the only freshwater habitats throughout northern Evia and are protected under the Natura 2000 initiative. Other sites within the network include Mt. Kandili and Mt. Telethrio.

The beautiful islets of Lihada or “lihadonisia” in the northwestern corner of the region are known for their exotic beauty, which has earned them the unofficial name of “Greek Seychelles” as well as an induction into the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Though not officially recognised, equally breathtaking natural hot spots include the Nileas Gorge as well as the Waterfalls of Drymonas.

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