Marathos Village

Marathos village within the Acheloos is at an altitude of 640 metres. The Acheloos River crosses Marathos, while several fresh water springs such as the Birta, Dihali, Tsiongari contribute to the beauty and drinking water of the area. The woods include fir, plane trees, and shrub oak. Caves are found at Kapsali and Marathos. At an altitude of 1,100 metres on Krania Peak, an exceptional view extends towards the Acheloos River and Spilia. On the top of fir-forested Mt. Stithos at an altitude of 1000 metres, there is also an excellent view of the Tsoumberikos Mountains and the Acheloos River. The peak of Mount Dol, at 1400 meters looks towards the Pindos mountain range.

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