Impressive white oak forests near Karitena, black pines on Mount Parnon, and protected plane trees in village squares (e.g. Dimitsana), mountainous Arcadia (Orini Arkadia) is a treasure of flowing rivers, amazing gorges and nature. Indigenous plants and animals, different rock formations, unique wildlife and rare mountain herbs represent the best of the Mediterraean fauna and flora at different elevations. Check out our Birdwatching section in Arkadia to learn more about all the birds there.

There are several areas in Mount Parnon that are considered ecologically very important: the resort area of Paralia Astros, Mount Oriondas, Moustos Lake, the gorge of Leonidi, the Eloni Monastery, the Monastery of Malevi, and the summits of Mount Parnon.

Photos: Municipality of Megalopolis

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