About Nature & Flora in Viotia

Viotia is mountainous, wild and sparsely populated compared to the rest of the country. Nature, therefore, is everywhere.

Even Livadia, the capital of Viotia, has its fair share of natural attractions. The Erkyna river crosses through the small city and gives it much character, dotted with historical buildings, stone benches and old bridges. The area called Krya is attractive nature-wise and represents the exit of the gorge. It features the springs of Lithi and Mnemosene (Forgetfulness and Memory). Seek out the stone theatre and the Bridge of Trihino.

Photo: Elen Val

Near Davlia in Mavroneri there are the springs of Agios Ioannis, designated a natural area by the Centre of Biotopes and Wetlands. Near the camping site of Lapathia there are fir-laden forests and a robust ecosystem with rare fauna and flora.

Apart from the hikes around Mount Elikonas and Parnassos, other natural places to marvel at are the olive groves and vineyards of Xironomi not far from Thisvi, between Elikonas and the Corinthian Gulf. Near Xironomi lies the area of Donakes where Narcissus saw a reflection of himself in the spring of the nymph.

On the way to the picturesque mountainous village of Agia Triada with is fir trees, in Agios Taxiarchis Pontzas, there is a nature filled area with crystal water worth visiting. The many small lakes around the area take shape due to the abundant waters in winter. Visit the forest of Koronia for long walks, springs and recreational areas.

Another area full of fir trees lies in Arvanitsa between Agia Ana and Kyriaki, located right between the two highest peaks of mount Elikonas. Also interesting is the dried-up stream and resulting gully of Aimon.

Photo (cover): Electron08

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