About Church and Monastery in Donousa

The Timios Stavros church is the largest of Donousa as well as the protector of the island. It was first built at the end of the 19th century. A heavy storm tore the church down and drifted all its remnants to the sea. The icon of the Exhaltation (Ypsosis) was found several days later on the sandy beach of Agia Paraskevi in the Kato Meria of Amorgos by Dimitrios Skopelitis who organised a charity aiming at the construction of a new church, this time however at a more safe location. The new church was inaugurated in 1902. It is a square building with a dome, which embellishes the largest settlement of the island today, which also took its name from the church (in the old days it was called Kambos).

At the festival of Stavros on the 14th of September, pilgrims come from surrounding islands with votives and candles. Mass takes place in the church of Stavros and festivities follow in the courtyard, where bread, food (the traditional meat and potato dish called Patatato) and wine are offered. A happening music and dance festival ensues with traditional music groups in true Greek style!

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The twin churches of Panagia and Agios Ioannis – a unique architectural cluster where the two basilicas are linked under a small belfry – are located on the hill east of Stavros. The church of Panagia celebrates on August 15.

Mersini, which features a century old plane tree and a spring with running waters, boasts the church of Agia Sofia and a splendid view. This church sponsors a feast on September 19 in honor of Saint Sophia.

Kalotaritissa is found in the north-eastern part of Donousa. This attractive community with low stone-built houses is home to the white church of Agios Georgios. Enjoy this church’s celebration on September 17 to celebrate the name day of Saint George.

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