About Archeology in Lasithi

For those interested in ancient history, this nomos has some of the most spectacular and well-positioned sites anywhere on the island. Of Crete’s six Minoan “palaces”, two can be found here: those of Zakros and Petras (the other four are in the adjacent nomos of Herakleion. Other Minoan sites include Palaikastro, which may yet yield a “palace”, Gournies; which was a sizeable town, three sites close to the lovely sea-side village of Myrtos, on the south coast (Myrtos Phourni Korifi, Myrtos Pyrgos and further north, Simi), and a house at Vassiliki. Add to these sites those of a slightly later date such as Itanos, Praisos, Lato etc, and one could spend months here, just visiting the sites.

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