If you’re looking for archaeological sites that not only span the eras but also offer unique places for exploration, Patmos is the ideal location for you. This island’s archaeological record spans millennia, beginning in Prehistoric times through the Middle Ages.
In Lidoriki the modest monastery of Panagia Koutsouriotissa tucked away among the rocks. Legend has it that nobody can tell a lie here, as the church has become a test of truth for locals and beyond who want to prove their honesty.
Combine cave exploration with swimming at this gorgeous beach. Make sure you go at sunset and you’ll be impressed.
Lying at the island's westernmost point, this clean, pebbly beach is perfect for those looking for some peace and quiet.
Today known as Palea Loutra or Old Baths located on 8 Kyristou Street, the baths were mentiond in 1667 by Turkish traveler Evlia Celebi. There is an interesting multi-domed bath complex on the rear end.
Here's an Athenian artist whose work blends sublimely with the modern architecture of his atelier. Vasiliou has his paintings among his own family pictures and furniture, making a very homey and interesting exhibition. A small gift shop offers posters, cards and prints.
There are remains of an impressive ancient cistern and farm on the western side of the Makrylongos plain, which could be anywhere between 800 and 1000 years of age. Ruins from a wine press are also present. Interestingly, one of the rocks in the area boast mysterious signs that may be early Christian symbols or engravings left by the crusaders.

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