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Tsiata Magia Cave, Polithea Village

If you’re an experienced spelunker and you’re feeling adventurous, this is the cave for you. Close to a mountain village, this cave is rarely explored and is undeveloped. Ask the locals for directions and tips, and as always keep safety in mind as unexplored caves can be dangerous.


Location: Thessaly & Sporades › Trikala (Meteora, Pertouli)

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Kokkini Spilia Cave (near Alonia, Nea Pefki Village)

When you visit this beautiful mountain village, ask the locals for directions to Kokkini Spilia. Translated as Red Cave, Kokkini Spilia’s name is suggestive of the cave chamber’s main feature, which is the beautiful red color of the rock.
When you’re done exploring, stop by the nearby gushing springs of Frahos and Vrisoula at an altitude of 1200 meters and then continue your hike in the area.

Katsiouna and Haravla Caves

If you love hiking and spelunking, these twin caves near Messohora Village are perfect for you. Located at an altitude of 800 meters, you’ll enjoy searching for them and then exploring their beautiful chambers.

Sarmanitsa Cave (near Pirra Village)

If you’re an adventurous spelunker, this cave is perfect for you. It’s unexplored and a bit of a mystery, so as long as you take all possible precautions, it could provide a wonderful opportunity for experienced spelunkers.

Skala Paleohoriou Cave (Amarantos village)

This wonderful cave is located beside a quaint mountain village. As you hike through the region, look for the watermill of St. Minas and this beautiful cave.

Kidonia Cave (near Stournareika Village)

Experienced spelunkers will find this stunning cave at an altitude of 1340 m along the mountain ridge. It’s unexplored but its beauty is still well-known – ask the locals for tips and advice before venturing in to admire the cave chamber dripping with stalactites and stalagmites.