Route 3: Hydra Town to Episkopi

This is a great path to take in the warmer months, as it’s the flattest of all three and it passes several beaches along the way. Leave Hydra Town by following the coast towards the coastal hamlet of Kamini, and once you reach its beach, continue along the dirt road to Vlihos.

Continue along the coast until reaching the dock at Palamida. If you’ve had enough of walking, you can take a water taxi back to town from here. If not, then follow the road leading inland and upwards. You’ll soon come to a cluster of homes called Episkopi. It is believed to have once been the site of a Byzantine village, though today you’ll find only goat herders and solitary types. If you continue towards the bottom, you’ll reach a swimming cove. You’ll need to jump the gate and traverse a rocky field, and after doing so, you should be able to make out a path in the trees ahead of you.


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