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Route 1: Profitis Ilias to the harbor

This uphill journey begins from Hydra Town harbor and meanders its way up the island’s highest point, a hill where the monastery of Profitis Ilias lies. You’ll need to follow the town’s main street (Miaoulis). Past the horse stables, a road with three lanes and lined with trees, leading to the Church of Agios Konstantinos. Instead of reaching the church, take the first left (almost a U turn) upwards and follow along until you notice a vague trail veering off towards the left.

Follow that and you’ll soon arrive to the main shaded pathway leading to the monastery. Though the sign for the monastery points left, its entrance is actually on the right. No matter, left will take you where you need to go in order to reach above the monastery and enjoy amazing views over the island before starting the “real” journey.

Photo: Qweasdqwe

You will want to look down towards the right until you find the monastery’s wall at the bottom of the slope. This is where you should aim to arrive. Once you get there, you’ll see a sign which (mistakenly) reads Mt. Eros. You should see two trails before you, one running parallel to the stone wall, and the other continuing away from it. This is the one you need to take. It becomes more defined as you continue on through the trees. The path heads slightly upwards for about fifteen minutes before curving towards the left. If you look to your right, you should see another clear path. This is the one you want. After a few minutes, your view opens up to the sea before you. From here you can continue down the zig zag trail, but it does not lead to a beach, rather, to goat farms and after several hours, the convent of St. Nicholas.

Most likely, you’ll prefer to simply hike the trail back in reverse before arriving back into the edge of town. From the church of St. Constantine, follow the steps on the side of the church, and eventually make your way down to the harbor.



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Agios Nikolaos beach, Hydra

This beautiful beach features clear, blue waters and is partially organized. You can reach it by boats which leave from the harbor. It’s located on the island’s southwest side.

Limnioniza beach, Hydra

The beach of Limnioniza can be found along Hydra’s southeastern coast and can be reached by foot along a trail. It isn’t organized and doesn’t offer any natural shade, so bring an umbrella if you plan on staying a while.

Molos beach, Hydra

In the northeastern section Hydra, this beach offers bathers deep blue waters and blissful views of the opposite islet of Kivotos.

Route 3: Hydra Town to Episkopi

This is a great path to take in the warmer months, as it’s the flattest of all three and it passes several beaches along the way. Leave Hydra Town by following the coast towards the coastal hamlet of Kamini, and once you reach its beach, continue along the dirt road to Vlihos.

Spilia, Hydroneta and Avlaki, Hydra

Though technically not beaches, these three spots offer a place to swim not far off from Hydra town. A ladder leads the way into the water from the rocky coast.

Route 2: Zourvas Monastery to the Lighthouse

This is one of Hydra’s most challenging yet beautiful trails. It takes a while, so plenty of water and snacks are ideal. Due to difficult signage and overall difficulty, it is highly recommended that you take the water taxi to the monastery and begin your hike from there, rather than arduously trying to reach it and being exhausted before the real route even begins!

Bisti beach, Hydra

Within Hydra’s most northwestern gulf lies the beach of Bitsi, with blue-green waters and several pine trees. The beach is accessible by boat.

Kaoumithi beach, Hydra

This pristine beach lies in the northwestern section of the island, with pine trees surrounding its turquoise waters, and offering bathers calm and serenity.

Palamidas beach, Hydra

Deep within a gulf just northwest of Hydra’s main harbor, this small beach is a great place to relax and enjoy its crystal clear waters. It’s right next to the Voulgari Mansion.