Raches – Ammoudia – Magganitis (3 hours)

This route begins from the main square of Christos Raches and follows the characteristic red ‘footprints’ until the 9th marker. Here we turn left at the sign indicating Ammoudia and Magganitis. Continuing to follow the red footprints, we pass farmhouses and cross the dirt road, heading up the mountainside and following the stonewall which leads into the forest.

Walking along the mountainside just below the trees, we soon arrive at a stream next to the last houses of Karidies. At this point, care needs to be taken as to not lose the path. We cross the stream and ascend the hillside, following parallel to the stream, making sure not to lose track of the red trail markings. After another 300 metres, we’ll cross the stream again, continuing southward along the well-maintained path on the other side. We’ll pass a small dirt road and within fifteen minutes, we’ll arrive at the main road leading towards Ammoudia, which we follow for another two kilometres. Once we arrive at more red trail markings, we turn left. The landscape becomes more rocky as we traverse the mountainside southward. After passing two streams and a stone shelter, we arrive at the plateau of Ammoudia. This is an important intersection; we will continue straight along the path, heading south, and after a while, we’ll arrive at the steep cliff sides of the southern part of the island. The trail becomes quite steep here, and care needs to be taken, especially in the rain or fog. The path turns eastward  and gradually loses height as we arrive to a well where we can stock up on water. Here we can see the sea and the village of Magganitis. After about 45 minutes, we’ll arrive at the stone wall which borders the wider area of Magganitis. Here, we must be careful not to lose the path. As we pass through the gate, we enter a pine forest and follow the path for 100 metres downhill before turning left and traversing the pine-filled mountainside. The characteristic red markings direct us towards an old house. After passing to right of a large rock, we’ll have a clear view of the village as  we descend down the stone paved path that leads into the village of Magganitis.


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