Pounta – Stavri – Magganitis 2.5 hours

From the Pounta – Ammoudia trail, we begin this route at the juncture of Stavri. Here, we follow the path to the left heading south, and continue downhill towards the steep mountainside. Here the trail has been cut into the rock and is hard to make out at some points.

As the path zig zags downward, care needs to be taken, as rock slides have made it challenging to navigate the trail. Fortunately, the path eventually becomes easily discernible again, and we soon come across an impressive stone stairway just above the chapel of Profitis Ilias, arriving at a dividing wall which protects local crops from goats. Passing through the gate, we continue downhill towards the village. After passing a couple of small streams and a final gate, we arrive at a paved road which leads to the centre of the village.

Photo: www.eoskavalas.gr

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