Pounta – Ammoudia (3.5 hours)

Continuing from where the Chrysostomos-Pounta trail ends, hikers venture on west, heading up the side of a ravine which lies across the church of Agios Dimitrios. Green markings and stone stacks indicate the beginning of the path.

This route moves continuously westward and crosses to the right of the mountainside, where it eventually enters the Ranti Forest. This impressive natural landmark has rightfully been included under the protection of the Natura 2000 program, and offers hikers the unique opportunity to experience one of the rarest and most beautiful forests throughout the country. It’s density is so great that some of its sections are impenetrable.

On leaving the forest, we head downhill towards the col of Stavri with its small forest. Soon, we reach an important crossing: to the left lies the path towards the village of Manganitis, to the right, the path leading to Messaria, and straight, on towards Ammoudia, which is the path we follow. Heading up the ridge, we eventually reach the top of Papoutsokrifti and from here, we can see the village of Magganiti as well as the entire southwestern section of Ikaria. If the weather is clear, even Naxos is visible in the distance. From here we continue westward, descending towards the plateau in front of us. The trail then ascends towards Megalofo. From this point, the landscape changes into a rocky one and we’ll continue to walk slowly downhill between boulders towards the village of Ammoudi.


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